Breakaway Tours Reviews

from our travellers...

It was a freaking amazing weekend. I had so much fun with all of my friends in Quebec City. The night events were honestly so freaking fun, but in particular, Whiteout was probably the best part of the entire trip for me.
Shoutout to Kaye, Christina, and Irina who were the nicest staff I’ve met, and who made sure the trip was fun and safe for us!
— Mashal Joyaa (Quebec City Family Day 2017)
The best trip of my life! I would highly recommend to anyone. I met so many amazing people and made incredible memories that I’ll remember forever.
— Hailey Venedam, Bowmanville High School (Quebec City March Break 2016)
This Ski Trip was the best weekend of my life that I waited for for months then it went by in a second! I can’t wait for next year and I think it would be too sick to work for I love Travel!
— Aidan Gollub, Robert Bateman High School (Big White 2016)
Amazing staff talked with almost every one of them, very friendly, upbeat and made it a even better time!
— Cameron Stewart, Leaside High School (Tremblant Family Day 2016)
Best 4 days of my life would definitely go next year! Shoutout to Kirk and Kamila my favorite people ever!!!!!!!!!!
— Sarah Korn, Organizer (Big White Ski Weekend 2017)
The trip was overall amazing, most of the staff was energetic and looked as if they were enjoying the trip as much as we did! honestly the best 5 days of my life, I would do it again without question.
— Emily (Quebec City March Break 2017)
Amazing Staff members they were super cool and connected to the students on the trip. Treated us with the same respect that they were shown. I felt like a respected adult and not just a teen I really appreciate that.
— Malika Tennant, St. Edmund Campion (Quebec City March Break 2016)
One of the best weekends of my life. All the staff and people made it something I’ll never forget. I can’t wait until next year.
— Hailey McMaster, Samuel Robertson Technical Secondary (Big White 2016)
Best time I ever had with all the kids from my school! I can’t wait for my Grade 12 Grad Trip! :)
— Dayn Sant, Humberview Secondary School (Tremblant Family Day 2016)

from Parents...

Sounds like they had a great time. Loved the skiing. Excellent communication from the staff. Seemed like very responsible and likable leaders that could still have fun with the kids. All around a positive experience.
— Erin O'Neill (Mont Tremblant Family Day 2017)
My daughter had a fantastic time on her trip, best March she has ever had, from a parent’s perspective I’m happy she had fun but her safety was my main concern and breakaway tours provided a safe and fun trip and for that I am grateful. Thanks!
— May Shaw (Quebec City March Break 2017)
I have 3 daughters, all of whom have travelled multiple times with Breakaway Tours and who have each organized at least one trip for their school. I appreciated the opportunity that they were given to be an Organizer for the tour and to travel independently with their friends in a safe environment.
— Sandy P. (Mother of 3 Breakaway Quebec City Organizers)
It was a great opportunity for our son to enjoy a trip with other students, without family.
— Lacra Antonescu (Quebec City March Break 2017)

from our Staff...

The Quebec City trip was a big tradition in my hometown, and this was actually my first time traveling Quebec. Our Bus Captain was awesome! He really encouraged us to break from our comfort zone to meet other people on the trip, and to get out and do the excursions. So we did. We did it all! Snow tubing at Village Valcartier, the walking tour in the Old City, skiing at Mont Ste Anne … and we even went on the the Galeries de la Capitale shopping shuttle. We had a blast! This trip made me realize that I needed to share my experience with others. So I applied to be a Bus Captain and staffed trips while attending UWO. I learned a lot about myself from staffing trips, and felt that this was my true calling. I just had to continue sharing this experience of travel with others. So I pursued a Sales position at Breakaway, sold trips for 8 years, and for the past 5 years, I plan and oversee the execution our trips. When I booked this trip in High School, I never thought it would turn into a 15 year journey of sharing my trip experience, and working for such an incredible company.
— Amanda Barbosa, Ursuline College Chatham (Quebec City, 2001 Traveler & Breakaway Staff Member for 15 Years)

from our suppliers...

I wanted to send a quick thank you for all the business you sent our way this year. We’re very fortunate to have a good, strong foothold in the tour & travel market, however it is so incredibly rare for us to work with a team as wonderful, professional and helpful as yours. Everyone involved was absolutely fantastic to work with, and truly made our jobs incredibly easy. You should be proud of your team, and trust me when I say this sentiment is echoed amongst my colleagues as well. I hope we can continue this working relationship, and it would be a pleasure to welcome more guests next year.
— Anthony Cafaro, Assistant GM, Travelodge Hotel Montréal