Breakaway Tours specializes in running trips for high school students to travel across North America with their friends. Our focus is on providing the best travel experience in a fun and safe environment.


Ultimate Road Trip

Take a road trip with your entire class, blare some music, play games, and get ready for an unreal trip.


We ❤ Friendship

Whether it's getting closer with your own crew, or meeting tons of others from around North America, friendship is the best ship!


Be The Adventure

Step out of your comfort zone. Explore your surroundings, and get involved in all Breakaway activities and events.


Epic Night Events

Get ready for some legendary night events at the best venues and with unreal DJs.


When traveling with Breakaway Tours, high school students have the privilege of taking advantage of some of the world's top winter destinations. Whether you want to get away to hit the slopes, or experience a city like never before we've got you covered!

Interested in organizing a trip for you and your friends? We'd love to hear from you! Fill out the form and one of our Trip Planners will give you a call ASAP.


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