Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Book Now?

    Spring & March Break, New Year’s, Family Day, Winter Carnival, etc. are all the most popular times of the year to travel. Booking early ensures your spot, guarantees the best price, and allows you to pay and save for your trip over time.

  • What If I Find A Cheaper Price?

    Breakaway Tours will provide you with the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE for the package you request. All of our packages can be customized to meet your group’s budget. Through working with many different tour operators and hotels, our packages will always be the best and biggest value for your money.

  • How Do I Make An Online Booking?

    Enter your trip code in the space provided under ‘Have a Trip Code?’ on our homepage and click the ‘Submit’ button. If you do not have a trip code, please call our office at 1-800-465-4257 and someone will be more than happy to help you get one.

  • What Is Included In My Package?

    At the very least, our packages include transportation to and from your destination (unless otherwise specified), hotel accommodations, Breakaway Tours staff and security, and a 24/7 emergency help line available for you or your loved ones to call while you’re away on vacation. Most packages may also include extra activities and excursions such as (but not limited to) ski lift passes, city tours, night events, meals and more. If you’re unsure as to what your specific package includes, please feel free to call us at 1-800-465-4257 and one of our staff will be happy to help get you the answers that you need.

  • What Is My Payment Schedule

    Upon receipt of your initial deposit and reservation form, you will receive a confirmation email outlining all of your trip details and payment plan.

  • Is Insurance A Part Of My Package?

    Travel insurance is designed to make your trip a worry-free experience and is offered at the time of booking. Comprehensive travel insurance is available as an upgrade and covers our passengers for medical emergencies, trip cancellation, trip interruption, and loss of baggage. The insurance upgrade must be purchased at the time of booking.

  • Do Breakaway Tours Staff Search My Bag?

    For BUS Trips ONLY: For the safety of our passengers we now implement a bag check policy on our bus trips.A) All carry-on bags will be searched prior to boarding of buses. Any/all alcoholic beverages and/or illegal substances will need to be disgarded/left behind by passengers before being allowed to board.B) Bags may be subject to search by security personnel upon arrival at hotels. Any/all alcoholic beverages, contained in bags of minors, will be confiscated and disgarded. Any/all illegal substances will be confiscated and discarded.

    On Breakaway Beach there are standard airport security checks.

  • Do I Need A Passport?

    Breakaway Tours would like to inform all passengers that A VALID PASSPORT IS MANDATORY FOR ALL TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF THE COUNTRY. Please ensure that you have your passport well in advance, as it may take up to three months to receive. For passengers traveling within Canada, a passport is not required, however a valid form of government issued ID is mandatory. For further information or a passport application, please visit Or pick up an application form at any Canada Post outlet.

  • Are There Any Depature Taxes/Fees?

    If you are traveling internationally, you may be charged foreign departure taxes and fees in addition to your package price. These taxes and fees vary depending on your departure city and destination, and may change if the government of your departure or destination country changes fees between the time you book and the time you travel. Passengers are responsible for any changes in taxes and fees.

  • Does The Hotel Charge A Damage Deposit?

    For BUS TRIPS: A room damage deposit or payment is collected from all passengers while on the trip prior to check in at the hotel. All passengers are required to purchase either a non-refundable room damage protection plan for $20 per person (CAD or USD), or provide a refundable room damage deposit of $60 per person (CAD or USD) – the deposit is refundable upon check-out provided the room is not damaged. Please note, all roommates must take the same room damage protection option.

    For BEACH TRIPS: A room damage deposit or payment is collected from all passengers while on the trip prior to check in at the hotel. All passengers are required to purchase either a non-refundable room damage protection plan for $30(CAD) or $20(USD) per person, or provide a refundable room damage deposit of $80(CAD) or $60(USD) per person – the deposit is refundable upon check-out provided the room is not damaged. Please note, all roommates must take the same room damage protection option.

  • What Is The Difference Between Damage Protection And Damage Deposit?

    Damage Protection is $20 per person. It covers accidental damage, like if you were to accidentally spill something on the carpet or, trip over a lamp. Please let our staff know right away of any damages in your room right away. This option is non-refundable. Damage Deposit is $60 per person. This is a deposit for incidentals that is required by the hotel. If a damage occurs in your room, accidental or not, your room is responsible for paying the full price to replace or repair the item. So for example – if you trip over a lamp, the hotel could charge you their full cost to repair or to replace the lamp. That could mean the hotel could bill you anywhere from $100-$160, or more! You will receive your deposit back on check-out day after your room has been inspected by the hotel and there are no damages or incidentals in your room.

  • Can I Rent A Car/Moped?

    Breakaway Tours strongly discourages renting vehicles of any kind! The risk of injury or death is extremely high and the language barrier may present problems when returning the vehicle.

  • Is There A Safety Deposit Box In My Room?

    Most Breakaway Tours hotels have a safety security box in your room. Some hotels charge a small fee for its use. Ask your hotel or destination staff for more information upon check-in.

  • How Do I Call Home?

    If you don’t have a cell phone with a long distance plan, the best way of placing long distance phone calls is by using a calling card. Long-distance calling cards can be purchased at most stores and sometimes at the hospitality desk in your hotel. Avoid using the phone in your hotel room as it can be extremely costly. Ask your Breakaway Tours destination staff for assistance if needed.

  • Will I Have Access To My E-Mail?

    Yes, most hotels have a business centre facility where you can send and receive emails or browse the internet. If your hotel has limited facilities, ask your Breakaway Tours Destination Representative where the closest internet café or internet service provider is located.

  • Are Meals And Drinks Included In My Package?

    All Breakaway BEACH packages include food and drink on the resort.

    Most of our BUS packages do not include meals or drinks, however some packages do offer a meal plan at an additional cost. If you would like more information on what your package does and doesn’t include, please feel free to call our office at 1-800-465-4257 and ask any of our available staff for assistance.

  • When Will I Receive My Travel Documents?

    Once your final payment is received, you will receive all of your travel documents and necessary information within one week prior to your departure. Depending on what group you are a part of, you will receive them by mail, email, be able to pick them up at our office, or receive them from your school’s rep.

  • What If My Name Is Spelled Incorrectly On My Invoice/Receipt?

    All name changes must be made immediately. Email changes to or call 1-800-465-4257 to speak to our Help Desk. Once your travel documents have been received, an administration fee will apply to all name changes.

  • Is There A Dress Code?

    The dress code in most destinations is fairly lax. Some venues will not allow men to wear shorts, tank tops, sneakers, sandals, or hats inside. Check with your Breakaway Tours staff member to see whether or not these rules apply to your night events.

Need More Help?

Contact the Breakaway Tours Help Desk at 1-800-465-4257 or send us an email at