Program Overview

Breakaway Beach is a trip for high school students graduating grade 12. Students are given a week in an exotic country to explore culture, relax on the beach, and participate in activities and events. It’s a week with your friends that you’ll remember forever.


Why go on Breakaway Beach for your Senior Trip?

  1. Celebrate high school with your friends

  2. More than just a beach vacation

  3. Give back to the local community

  4. Industry leading travel safety system


1. Celebrate high school with your friends

Graduating high school is a rite of passage. We believe you and your friends deserve to celebrate a once in a lifetime achievement.


High school is one of the most stressful times in a young person's life. You’ve just completed 4 tough years and grown a lot with the help of your friends. This is a time for celebration of your accomplishments.


This is a chance to break down barriers and cliques that develop throughout high-school. This is a chance to solidify existing friendships, and develop new ones with people you may not have otherwise interacted with.


2. More than just a beach vacation

This is not a traditional retail travel experience. This is a unique trip that offers a ton of activities, excursions, and events.

  • We believe in the art of exploration. Our flexible schedule allows you to participate in a number of different games and activities throughout the day, explore local communities through exhilarating excursions, and have fun at Breakaway Beach organized night events.

  • This product is unlike any that you can find elsewhere online. Our product is not comparable to Red Tag, expedia, or selloffvacations. We offer way more value, because you deserve it.


Choose your off-resort excursion!

Choose one of our amazing excursions to experience on your trip as a part of your Breakaway Beach package. Excursions vary by where you travel, but there will always be an exciting mix of local culture, adrenaline pumping action, or de-stressing activities.




Every trip gets 1 day of Volunteering built in to the trip. You also have the option to extend your Volunteering by a few days as an optional addition to your trip.

Give back to the local community and change your life 




Night events + Amazing Entertainment

An epic event is nothing without great venues, themes, and staff. Our whole entertainment crew is dedicated to making your night unforgettable. We promise that these are unlike any events you’ve ever attended.

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Games, contests, and activities

Whether you are by the pool, hanging at the beach, or exploring the local community, we've got you covered. We run events and activities during the day, evening, and night to make sure there is always something going on for you and your friends.



Optional Excursions

Every destination has something different to offer. Zipline through the jungle, swing on a trapeze, explore local ruins, and visit cultural sites. Your Trip Code will unlock all the details for your school's trip.

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3. Give back to the local community

We believe that giving back to the local communities we travel to is our social responsibility


Each and every year, young people tell us that volunteering is something they wish they could do while traveling. So we developed a Volunteer project in every single destination we go to. That’s why we include this FREE in every Breakaway beach package.

Get off the resort and see what how locals live. With a variety of different projects, depending on your destination, you’ll get to interact and help out in a big way to the local community.

Our groups get to experience 1 day of included Volunteering as a part of our basic package. Students have the option of upping their participation to 2 or 3 days of their trip with an additional contribution to the project.

Our volunteering projects are unique to every group and dependant on where you are traveling. Make a real difference in yourself, and in the community you are visiting by participating.

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4. Industry leading travel safety system

No other youth travel company has safety protocols like Breakaway Beach.

  • Trained, dedicated Trip Leaders will be available on your trip during dedicated service hours to help answer all of your questions and guide you in the right direction. They will also help set up and organize Breakaway Beach activities and events, so you just have to show up, and enjoy the ride.

  • Free medical travel insurance gives you peace of mind should anything go wrong *knocks on wood*. You can rest assured you’re covered.

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Our #1 and only 'non-negotiable' standard. Creating peace of mind for all travelers.

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Seamless Operations

Building and executing every aspect of a trip with a detailed focus.



Ensuring no physical, mental, or emotional boundaries prevent any student from experiencing a trip.



Creating and providing unique moments that would not be possible without Breakaway Tours.


Where we travel:

Punta Cana,
Dominican Republic


Grand Bahama Island