Hanna G

Review: 5 - “My trip of a lifetime”

by Hanna G, written on May 4, 2015

My week in Cayo Coco was action packed, full of new friends, and some of the most fun I’ve ever had. It felt so unusual to be in a tropical paradise surrounded by my friends that I grew up with, and stood by a week before and graduated high school with. Every day was excitingly different, but yet familiar. Each morning when you woke up, you knew with S-Trip! you'd be having another amazing day with your classmates and always making new friends.

Rob F

Review: 4 - “Best week ever”

by Rob F, written on March 14, 2016

S-Trip was the best week ever. I don’t think we’ve stopped talking about it since we got back. Everyone needs to do this. Something I’ll never forget.

Lindsay H

Review: 5 - “There is nothing like it”

by Lindsay H, written on March 22, 2016

I don’t think there was one moment for me. Looking back it was the entire week of things that we did. Thanks so much S-Trip.

Peter B

Review: 5 - “Time of my life”

by Peter B, written on July 12, 2015

I honestly never thought it would be the trip of a lifetime like they said, but it actually was. I will never forget how close everyone got, and it was such a good time. All possible by S-Trip.

Rebecca B

Review: 4 - “Changed my life”

by Rebecca B, written on March 28, 2016

The volunteer initiative really opened a lot of our eyes. It made you appreciate what you have at home. It was amazing taking just one day out of our trip to give back with everyone. Even the big guys were smiling all day and loved playing and interacting with the kids at the school.

Teresa S

Review: 5 - “It’s lit”

by Teresa S, written on March 14, 2016

It’s lit was the theme and it lived up to expectations. We looked forward to this all year and it was incredible. Big shout out to S-Trip for putting it together.

Graham T

Review: 5 - “Mr S-Trip!”

by Graham T, written on May 14, 2015

The best time was when I won Mr. S-Trip competition. My friends rallied and I can’t believe I won. Best trip of my life. Hands down.

Thuy V

Review: 5 - “Best friends and new friends”

by Thuy V, written on April 24, 2016

My friends became so much closer and we even met some people from other schools that we have on Instagram now, and we’ll keep in touch with now. Definitely the trip of a lifetime.

Frankie N

Review: 5 - “Time of our lives”

by Frankie N, written on June 29, 2015

If you’re even thinking about it, you just gotta do it. It’s unreal, and everyone in Grade 12 should go on their S-Trip grad trip.

Nicole P

Review: 4 - “I’ll never forget my grad trip”

by Nicole P, written on April 4, 2016

I was anxious before hand, but everything was taken care for us, and it was just so relaxed. I miss the beach soooo much.

Mary K

Review: 5 - “Time of his life”

by Mary K, written on Feb 6th, 2017

I sent my nephew on the trip in high school and he had the time of his life . The company promotes great values. I was worried about drinking but the staff there was extremely responsible and my nephew was able to have a great time without my having to worry about his safety. The process to sign up was easy and everyone in the company made sure the students safety was the number one priority.

Austin C

Review: 5 - “The staff was world class”

by Austin C, written on Feb 8th, 2017

I went on S-Trip two years ago now and looking back it is still one of the greatest times of my life. The staff was world class and parents should feel reassured that their kids are in good hands. There are few opportunities like this to go on a tropical trip with all your best friends and making a ton more on the trip. This is one adventure you don't want to miss out on..

Zamour J

Review: 5 - “Would definitely recommend”

by Zamour J, written on Feb 11th, 2017

While I was in high school I had the opportunity to do some work with S-Trip and I worked directly with Amanda. It was a super awesome experience mainly because I got to set up a trip right after transferring to a new school where I didn't really know anyone. That being said, with Amanda's help I was able to get the majority of my graduating year to go and it was one of the best trips I went on in my formative years. Ever since then any experience or interaction I've had with S-Trip has been nothing but pleasant. Would definitely recommend!

Emily B

Review: 4 - “Unforgettable!!”

by Emily B, written on Feb 12th, 2017

S-Trip was a trip I highly recommend every high school senior to go on! Unforgettable!!

S-Trip! (Student Trip) is a Toronto-based student-focused travel and tourism operator committed to offering high quality vacations and graduation trips.

Each unique trip S-Trip! plans is meant to be the #Tripofalifetime where life-long bonds and friendships are created. Established more than three decades ago, S-Trip! was founded with the goal of offering a large group of friends an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime trip. In the years since the company’s founding, S-Trip! has grown to provide a variety of international grad trips to students in both Canada and the United States. As one of the travel and tourism companies under the I Love Travel banner, S-Trip! works in conjunction with Campus Vacations, The New Breakaway Tours, Stoke Travel, and Unleashed Travel to offer student and youth-focused vacations to local, national and international destinations.


S-Trip! is I Love Travel’s oldest subsidiary business and has provided more than 125,000 student travelers the #TripofaLifetime in exotic locales like Cuba, Dominican, the Pacific Mexico, the Grand Bahamas, and Costa Rica. S-Trip!’s roots stretch back to 1976 when two former teachers decided they wanted to offer students enriched, exciting and safe graduation trips. S-Trip! now operates out of offices located in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Boston, and the Dominican Republic. In the years since its establishment, S-Trip! has grown to also offer culturally impactful volunteer opportunities. In 2012, S-Trip! developed a staff-led, 5-point mantra that is practiced throughout the company and by all employees. The mantra ensures that each traveler shares their journey with fellow travelers and is inclusive of everyone.

The corporate mandate also guarantees that each staff member goes beyond their duty to make sure each traveler is having fun. Lastly, every S-Trip! vacation is designed to be impactful for both the vacationer and the community that is visited. One of the features that sets an S-Trip! graduation trip apart from other student travel and tourism operators is the company-wide commitment to volunteerism. Every trip organized by S-Trip! includes opportunities for students to volunteer and give back to the communities they visit. In 2015, 5,300 S-Trip! travelers spent 15,000 hours participating in a variety of S-Trip! organized volunteer activities.

This year, S-Trip! expects to welcome 6,000 youth travelers who will complete 18,000 hours of volunteer work in the international communities they visit. S-Trip!’s history of providing one-of-a-kind, youth-focused getaways has earned it and its parent company, I Love Travel, the title of one of Canada’s fastest growing businesses.


In 2014, S-Trip! was named a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of Year Award, and since 2011, S-Trip! has been recognized every year as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. The company-wide commitment to excellence is evident through the many S-Trip! reviews featured throughout the company website. “The impact of the cultural exchange is highly rewarding,” reads one of the many S-Trip! reviews. “It’s not often that someone has the chance to see a country different than their own, and not only that, but to see areas that tourists don’t often visit,” the S-Trip review continues.

S-Trip! is able to create these #TripofaLifetime vacations and first-rate getaways because a vast majority of the 500 S-Trip! employees are former S-Trip! travelers as well. These travel enthusiasts work out of the five offices around the world to plan, guide and facilitate each once-in-a-lifetime experience.