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Spring Break 2015


For college students looking to take advantage of some of the world's top Spring Break destinations, or are interested in spending their New Year's Eve in the vibrant city of Montreal, Breakaway Tours has the perfect trip for you.

Premiere Destinations:

  • Get away to Daytona, Cancun, Varadero, Punta Cana, or Puerto Plata for Spring Break.
  • New Years Eve or Spring Break in Montreal
  • Party in top destinations
  • The best nightlife
  • Awesome day parties
  • Wild New Year's Eve celebrations in Montreal!

Don't wait! Plan your 2015 Spring Break today!


Spring Break


Fun in the sun, sand in your toes, a drink in your hand...our Spring Break plans are booked - are yours? We'll be partying on the beaches of Daytona, Cancun, Varadero, Punta Cana, and Puerto Plata and we want to get you in on all the action. What are you waiting for?

  • The best tropical destinations
  • Day parties at the pool and on the beach
  • Wild night events with artists and celebs
  • Adventurous excursions

New Years Eve in Montreal


Montreal is home to crazy nightlife, and plenty of daytime activities. It is also best-known for the mayhem that ensues for New Year's Eve. You'll have no idea what you're missing out on until you join us in this premiere spot - or until all of your classmates come home bragging about the ridiculous time they had on their trip, while you were rotting away in your parent's basement.

  • The craziest New Year's party you'll ever go to! (Unless you keep coming back for more)
  • Ring in 2015 with Breakaway Tours!
  • Gather your friends - make the most of your New Year's celebration.
  • Montreal is waiting, but the party will still commence without you! BOOK TODAY!

Party Packages


On spring break the cost of entry into the coolest clubs can range from $25 - $60 a night, and even more if there's a celebrity appearance. Not to mention, the wait in line for the popular clubs can take up to two hours if you don't get there early. Get your package and the party will never have to slow down!

  • No cover
  • No waiting in lines
  • The best clubs and events on Spring Break
  • Party with celebs
  • The hottest international DJs

Helpful Staff


We know you don't need a babysitter, but in the event that you may need questions answered or a helping hand, our staff will be readily available. Many tour operators, hotels, airlines, restaurant, and club owners have labeled our staff as the best in the industry. We are always available in case of an emergency and are there to accompany our groups to and from their destination, assist with arrivals and departures, and attend all events and activities during the tour.

  • Reliable, helpful, always available.
  • We're there when you need us!



From catamaran rides, to swimming with dolphins and jungle tours, to bull fights, and the internationally- recognized Breakaway Tours Olympics, you will be having the time of your life from the second you step off that plane and into your Spring Break paradise, right up until it's time to go home. We are the professionals of planning adventure-filled days with the perfect amount of relaxation for you to enjoy every moment of your trip and never want to go home

  • Plan the perfect adventure!
  • Relax on a catamaran excursion
  • Swim with the dolphins
  • Explore the jungle & more.

What are you waiting for?

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